Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What is an underground supper club?
A: An underground supper club is essentially a dinner party with guests who love food and are willing to try new things. The catch is, you don’t know who you will be sitting next to.
Q: What are the menus like for these dinner parties?
A: The menus vary with each event and can be as simple as an hors d’oeuvre party with cocktails all the way up to a multi-course tasting menu with wine pairings. The cost will dictate the menu’s size, and some menus may be byob.
Q: Is there a dress code?
A: The venue for each event will dictate the dress code
Q: Can I take pictures while I am at an event?
A: You may take photos of the food and drink, but not of the other guests, the chefs, or anything that may indicate the venue. You may not “tag” people in social media postings that were in attendance. Any disobedience of this rule will result in blacklisting.
Q. Can I share this with others?
A: You may share omakasebuffalo.com with others who have interest in food and drink. You may not share the details of an event once an invitation has been extended to you. If the invitee is allowed to bring a guest (which may differ from event to event), then you may share the details with that guest only.
Q: How likely is it that I will get an invite?
A: The basic premise of a supper club is to dine with strangers. If it were the same guests at every event, it would defeat our purpose. Rest assured that a rotation of invitations is underway. Do not expect to get invited to every event, as seating is limited.
Q: Why all the secrecy?
A: Why Not? Part of the experience is submitting the control of your experience to your host. That is what omakase is all about. Necessary information will be provided to each invitee on a need to know basis only. Besides, keeping secrets is fun (and challenging).
Q: Can I host an omakase buffalo event?
A: We are always open to new ideas for venues, but each must meet strict criteria. To learn more, email interest@omakasebuffalo.com.